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COVID-19 Next Gen Message Board

Use this page to share with other Wyoming Next Generation Sector Partners best practices, availability of items, needs, page suggestions, and resources related to COVID-19.

All content should be related to COVID-19 Next Gen best practices, availability of items, needs, page suggestions, and resources. Any content that may be deemed unrelated, illegal, or representing other interests will be removed by the administrator.

3 responses to “COVID-19 Next Gen Message Board

  1. Welcome to the NextGen Message Board – please feel free to share your needs, resources, links, opportunities, or thoughts; as long as they are related to the mission. Thank you.

  2. I have now secured and attached a document identifying manufacturers across the US of: Am bu-bags (confined space manual resuscitators), Powered Air Purifying Respirators, Ventilators and Respirators.

    I am aware of one hub out there now that is trying to do this for the additive manufacturing community, sponsored by AmericaMakes: Unfortunately, they are limiting it to additive manufacturing (how, I don’t know). The concept is that people with designs can submit them, and America Makes has an arrangement with NIH/VA/FDA to funnel the designs to them for review and approval or testing and approval. NIH posts the approved designs on a web site (note, no ventilators yet): Then people can pick off approved designs to go build. I have no idea at this point out effective this is—but the concept sounds great if we weren’t in total chaos right now.

    Like probably many other organizations, the Air Force has also set up a site to collect inputs. I’m not sure they’ve figured out to do with this information yet as the money is generally not flowing down.

    Some companies are putting out open source designs for ventilators, such as MedTronics ( but it’s not clear to me how this gets translated into a single, working system.

    I believe there is a very, very narrow window in which something can be done in this arena, and it seems to me that AmericaMakes and NIH currently have the best solutions I’m aware of.

    If any of you feel you may be able to contribute to the manufacture of components required or used in these devices I would encourage you to reach out to the companies/manufacturers listed in the attached or the links provided.

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